Allegation of beating a teacher in Ward No. 36 of Siliguri

A school teacher protested because the DJ was playing loudly even after 12:30 p.m. As a result, he was accused of being severely beaten. The incident took place in Panchanan Colony, ward number 36 of Siliguri. The name of the recruited teacher is Abhijit Sarkar. He is a teacher at a private school in the area. He is currently undergoing treatment at Siliguri District Hospital.

Allegedly, near the teacher’s house, a DJ was playing in the evening on the occasion of a family event. Residents of the area became angry as the DJ did not stop even after 12:30 PM. Allegedly, when the teacher went to the house and requested the DJ to stop, a group of youths started beating him. Neighbors rushed to see the teacher being beaten. However, none of the accused have been arrested yet.

The respected teacher said, ‘Everything has a rule. I protested seeing the DJ playing so late at night. I did not think that he would be beaten like this. Everything has been reported to the police.’ He also said that the net exam is ahead. Besides, many sick residents live in the area. The DJ was playing at midnight. That’s why I asked to go and stop. At that time, a group of youths came and started beating me up. At the end, I screamed and saved some neighbors’ lives. After the incident, the teacher’s wife filed a written complaint at the Ashighar outpost. The police went to the area on Thursday.

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