Preity Zinta state Salman Khan her most loyal friend: ‘He has a heart of gold’

Actress Preity Zinta hosted an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on X today. Despite her IPL team Punjab Kings losing an important match to Chennai Super Kings on Sunday, Preity was in a good mood while answering questions posted by fans. He was often asked about Salman Khan, one of the top stars of Bollywood. As usual, Preity had great things to state about the Dabangg star.

He said, “Salman has a heart of gold and apart from being an incredibly talented and spontaneous actor, he is the most loyal and wonderful friend. His understanding of music is excellent and when you get to know him, he is a very down to earth and simple person.”

Preity Zinta was also asked if she would work with Salman Khan in a film, to which the actor replied that everything is possible with a good script. Meanwhile, Shahrukh Khan’s fans also asked her questions whether she would work with the young actor in any film. “It will have to wait until we get together a mind-blowing script that only he and I can do,” Preeti said. Responding to another question from Shah Rukh, the actor held that, “SRK is a powerhouse of talent and one of the most generous and fun actors to work with. He always keeps his co-stars alert. He is also very entertaining and competitive. I learned a lot from him in my heart.”

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