Was Kashmira able to keep her word in the wedding of Nonad?

Uncle Govinda and Aunty Sunita Ahuja did not talk to that nephew Krishna for about seven years. Because of a comment made by my nephew, Kashmira Shah. That’s the end of it. This time, Govinda forgot that seven-year-old pride. The actor brought his son with him to bless his niece. A few days ago, Kashmira said that when the father-in-law (Govinda) comes to the wedding of the nuns, she will touch his feet and bow down. Can the actress keep that word?

Let’s go back to the beginning of the story. The source of the unrest was a comment by the nephew’s daughter-in-law, Kashmira Shah. In Krishna’s show ‘The Drama Company’. Govinda and his wife, Sunita Ahuja, came as guests there. At that time, Krishna’s wife, Kashmira Shah, posted on social media, “People dancing on the stage with money.” It is believed that this comment was addressed to Govinda-Sunita. After that, it was about the uncle-nephew. Govinda and his wife were sure that this post was meant for them.

This time, Aarti’s marriage brought them closer. Aarti’s wedding ceremony was on Thursday. In the evening, Krishna-Aarti’s uncle appeared there. He entered the function room without posing in front of the photographers. Even when Govinda came, the actor’s wife, Sunita, was not seen. However, at the mehendi ceremony of the nuns, the brother-in-law, Kashmira, said, “In-laws have been invited. She will actually be given all kinds of respect. I will bow down by touching my feet. Anyway, my father-in-law says.” Kashmira said she took blessings by touching Govinda’s feet. Good luck to my niece, said the actor while leaving the function room.

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