Who is staying with Ranbir-Alia in the bungalow?

Ranveer-Alia’s new home is being built in Bandra, Mumbai. According to a report in Bollywood Life, the ‘Kapoor couple’ are spending Rs 250 crore to build this house. Ranbir Alia’s house will beat King Khan Shahrukh’s ‘Mannat’ and Amitabh Bachchan’s ‘Jalsa’ in terms of financial value. A close source told Indian media, ‘Both Ranveer and Alia are equally spending their hard-earned money on building their dream home. And Ranveer-Alia to present this bungalow girl, Raha. The bungalow will be named after Raha Kapoor. That is, little Raha will then become Bollywood’s ‘youngest and richest star kid’.

The source added that he lost his daughter Raha in one glance. And so he decided to name the bungalow after her daughter. And that will make Raha the richest star child of B-Town (Bollywood). Apart from this huge bungalow, both Alia and Ranveer own four flats in the Bandra area, which are worth around Rs 60 crore.

It is known that Raha’s grandmother, Neetu Kapoor, will own half of this bungalow along with Ranbir and Alia. Because Rishi Kapoor owned half of all his properties in his wife’s name. However, Neetu herself is financially affluent and has recently bought a luxury house worth Rs 15 crore in the Bandra area. But if this new bungalow is built in the Bandra area, Ranveer’s entire family will be together under one roof. For now, Ranveer and Alia live in their house, ‘Vastu’, with Raha.

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