Silluk village committee’s noble gesture, rescuing and safeguarding endangered chinese pangolin

The Silluk Village Development Committee (SVDC) of Silluk village, Mebo Sub-Division, East Siang District, handed over a rescued Chinese Pangolin to the authorities of D. Ering Memorial Wildlife Sanctuary during the ‘Unying Aaran’ festival of the Adi community on March 7th.

The rescued pangolin, found injured and pursued by dogs near Silluk village, was entrusted to C.K. Chowpoo, Range Officer of Borguli Wildlife Range, by SVDC President Delem Damin and GS Nabin Lego. The handover ceremony, attended by esteemed members of the community and wildlife authorities, highlighted the importance of preserving wildlife in the face of escalating threats from hunting and poaching.

Kepang Nong Borang emphasized the sanctuary’s role in providing a safe haven for the pangolin, noting the risks associated with releasing it into village surroundings. The SVDC’s initiative drew praise from RFO Borguli Wildlife Range, C.K. Chowpoo, who distributed T-shirts bearing a wildlife conservation message to the SVDC and Silluk Swachh Abhiyan (SSA) teams, underscoring the collective responsibility of civil society in wildlife protection.

Divisional Forest Officer, D. Ering Wildlife Sanctuary, Kempi Ete, commended SVDC’s compassionate act, which serves as an inspiration for others passionate about environmental conservation. With Chinese Pangolins facing critical endangerment, such efforts play a vital role in preserving biodiversity and ecological balance.

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