ED search is going on in Kolkata from Friday morning

ED again launched the operation this morning. On Friday, the ED officials divided into several teams and reached different parts of Kolkata. Central Army soldiers are with them. According to the sources of the Central Investigation Agency, a total of three places, including Chetla and Laketown, are being searched. Investigators went to a house on Piarymohan Roy Road in Chetla. The house is said to belong to a businessman named Vishwarup Bose. According to ED sources, he is associated with the transport business.

According to ED sources, this search operation on Friday is part of the investigation into the recruitment corruption case. It is known through that source that searches are going on in several parts of the state apart from Kolkata. According to ED sources, the documents are being searched to check the allegations of embezzlement in the recruitment corruption case.

ED has earlier raided Kolkata and other places in the state in recruitment corruption cases. On the 8th of this month, the investigators raided the house of an adjunct known to be ‘close’ to former state minister, currently jailed Partha Chattopadhyay, an accountant’s house in Nagerbazar, and a man’s house in Rajarhat area. Even then, it was known from ED sources that their operation was based on the investigation of a corruption case in school recruitment.

On Thursday morning, too, the ED officials were divided into several teams. According to the sources of the Central Investigation Agency, the search operation was carried out in several places in the city, including Ballygunge and Park Street. A businessman’s house was also searched on Ballygunge Circular Road. However, according to ED sources, the case in which an investigation is underway is not from this state. The attack was based on the investigation of a case in Delhi.

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