Can Ghee help manage Blood Sugar levels in Diabetics? Expert opinion

In a recent exploration of dietary strategies for individuals with diabetes, experts have discussed the potential benefits of incorporating ghee into rice meals. Traditionally used in Indian cuisine, ghee, or clarified butter, has often been scrutinized for its impact on health, particularly concerning blood sugar levels.

According to nutritionist Dr. Priya Sharma, there is growing evidence suggesting that moderate consumption of ghee alongside complex carbohydrates like rice may help regulate blood glucose levels in diabetics. Contrary to fears that ghee could spike blood sugar, Dr. Sharma explained that the fat in ghee might slow down the digestion of carbohydrates. This slower digestion could potentially prevent rapid spikes in blood sugar after meals, which is a common concern for those managing diabetes.

Dr. Sharma emphasized the importance of moderation, cautioning against excessive intake due to its high calorie content. She suggested that incorporating small amounts of ghee into meals could also aid in the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, contributing to overall nutritional balance.

The discussion underscores evolving perspectives in diabetes management, advocating for personalized dietary approaches tailored to individual needs and responses. It encourages individuals with diabetes to consult healthcare providers for tailored dietary guidance.

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