With whom actress Rupanjana got married with her son Ryan in her lap?

Actress Rupanjana Mitra and Ratul Mukhopadhyay tied the knot on Friday evening. The wedding ceremony started in the morning. In the morning, from Nandimukh to Gaihlud, all events took place. Everything is done in-house. Their relationship has lasted about six years. This time, they became husband and wife. How the bride, Rupanjana, dressed for the wedding. The actress is dressed in vermilion in Banarasi. Shola’s crown on the head. Rose garland around the neck. Conch shell in hand. Light gold jewelry. Sandalwood design on the forehead she was seen in her old clothes.

The actress divorced her ex-husband in 2017. He has a son. The actress was raising her son single-handedly. On the other side, Ratul is the known face of Tolipara. He has also acted in several serials. A long friendship gradually turns into a love affair. Rupanjana’s son was 4 years old when she got involved with Ratul. He is currently a sixth-grade student. Many Tollywood actors and producers came to their wedding. Isha Saha came to congratulate the newlyweds on this day. Newlywed Sandeepta Sen met. Besides, producer Rana Sarkar also came to the wedding of this star couple. Rahul Dev Bose has been seen.

Earlier, Rupanjana said about the wedding preparations, “I have thought of Vermilion for the wedding dress. A very beautiful Banarasi. We will be giving everything, from Gaihlud to Sindurdan. I saw that Ratul also liked that vermilion color for marriage. But Ratul has bought Rian’s Punjabi to wear on our wedding day. Whatever Ratul buys, he also shows me on WhatsApp if needed. It is this exchange that has given our relationship a beautiful face.”

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