Another family has to suffer the consequences of another’s sin, a tragic event

One night, my whole family was over! Wife, sister-in-law, brother—none survived. While leaving the house, I saw everyone doing their own work. I came back and saw that everyone was buried under the tiles. I could not save even one of the three people, despite hearing noises and screams. I returned home after breaking my fast on Sunday evening. So I said to go to the market after dinner. Note that I went to Gardenrich Market to pick up that fruit. The sister-in-law is sitting next to her. Seeing me leave, my wife told me to come back early without spending the night. That was the last thing he said to me.

When the call came, it was 12 o’clock at night. A neighbor called out, “The house is destroyed!” Come quickly!’ He hung up before he could ask anything. I didn’t hesitate a moment when I got the call. Exit the market. On the way home, I could hear whispers from passersby. But I never dreamed that I would come back and see this scene. Entering the street of the house, I saw that everyone around had gathered. Screaming, screaming all around. Someone is crying. Darkness on all sides. Everyone is running with their mobile lights on. But I still did not understand that such a big disaster was waiting for me. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I pushed through the crowd and somehow reached the front of the house. My house is not safe! Blended into the ground.

Next to the house under construction was our small, two-room house. The wife, grandfather, and sister-in-law lived together in the tiled rice house. Even if the brick wall collapsed, maybe some of them would have survived. But the large concrete beams collapsed on top of the tile floor, causing the entire house to crumble to the ground. No one could get out. I was all gone in one night. My family had to suffer the consequences of other people’s sins. How can we make up for this loss?

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