Arunachal Civil Society urges government action against child sex trafficking

The Arunachal Civil Society (ACS) has responded with concern to recent reports of child sex trafficking, urging swift action from the state government to provide compensation to the victims through the Arunachal Pradesh Victim Compensation Scheme.

Applauding the efforts of the state police in rescuing minors from trafficking, Koj Baya Eshi, Chairperson of the ACS women’s wing, has passionately called for the denial of bail to any arrested accused, emphasizing that justice must prevail irrespective of the offenders’ status.

Eshi highlighted a disturbing trend, revealing that many of the arrested individuals are government officers, with some even affiliated with the police department. She demanded stringent legal action against all perpetrators, stressing the importance of holding them accountable for their crimes.

“The atrocities committed against minors by sex traffickers and perpetrators cannot be excused. We suspect broader involvement in these crimes and implore the police department to thoroughly investigate and apprehend every individual implicated,” she asserted.

ACS has further urged collaboration between the state government, NGOs, and other stakeholders to ensure that victims receive comprehensive support, including education, counseling, and a secure living environment.

Eshi disclosed that ACS has engaged with Itanagar Capital SP and OJU Mission Chairperson to strategize for the safety and future of rescued minors.

Additionally, ACS advocates for the introduction of sex education in all schools across the state, believing it to be a vital step in combatting sex trafficking and its detrimental effects on the younger generation’s well-being.

“We firmly believe that incorporating sex education into the school curriculum will play a pivotal role in addressing issues like sex trafficking and prostitution, safeguarding the mental, physical, and emotional health of our youth,” she affirmed.

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