Lone voter casts ballot in remote Anjaw District of Arunachal

The Malogam polling station in the remote Anjaw district of Arunachal Pradesh witnessed a remarkable 100% voter turnout as the lone resident exercised her constitutional right on Friday. Sokela Tayang, a 44-year-old woman, cast her vote around 1 pm, standing as the sole participant in an electoral event that epitomized dedication to democratic principles. Undeterred by the challenging terrain, a team of polling officials embarked on a 40-kilometer trek on foot to ensure Tayang could cast her vote. Despite being the only registered voter in Malogam, Tayang’s commitment to her civic duty remained unwavering. “I am delighted to exercise my franchise and thanked the election authorities for giving me the opportunity to cast my vote,” expressed Tayang, underscoring the significance of her singular act in the electoral process.

Chief Electoral Officer Pawan Kumar Sain hailed Tayang’s participation as evidence of the commitment to inclusivity and equality, emphasizing that every citizen’s voice deserves to be heard. Malogam village, nestled within the Hayuliang assembly constituency, falls under the Arunachal East Lok Sabha seat, where six candidates vie for electoral success. The primary contest in the constituency revolves around Bosiram Siram of the Congress party and the incumbent MP Tapir Gao of the BJP. Meanwhile, Dasanglu Pul, the BJP MLA from Hayuliang assembly constituency, secured re-election unopposed. In the previous 2019 elections, Gao emerged victorious, securing over 1.5 lakh votes, defeating his closest rival from the Congress party.

During the 2014 elections, the Malogam polling station had two registered voters, including Tayang’s estranged husband, Janelum Tayang, who subsequently transferred his voter registration to another booth. Despite Tayang’s limited connection to the village, with her children studying in colleges elsewhere, her determination to cast her vote in Malogam underscores the essence of democratic participation. Arunachal Pradesh boasts a total of 2,226 polling stations, with 228 accessible only by foot. Among these, 61 necessitate a two-day trek, while seven demand a three-day journey. The counting of votes for the assembly polls is scheduled for June 2, with the Lok Sabha election results to be announced on June 4.

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