Why happy weather in Bengal Safari Park?

Sheela became a mother again. Royal guests arrived at Bengal Safari Park in Siliguri on Friday. Sheela gave birth to not one or two but five Royal Bengal cubs. The mood in the park is happy now. The number of tigers in Bengal Safari Park has increased to 18. However, the officials of the safari park from the forest department do not want to open their mouths on this matter now.

According to forest department sources, five children were born to Sheela and Vivan on Friday. Sheela became a mother for the fourth time with this. Earlier, she gave birth to six cubs in two stages. Out of these, five cubs are healthy. Safari has also started with them. They are now the main attraction of the park. Meanwhile, Sheela got pregnant again at the end of last year. After that, the park authorities started to take care of her. Her special care begins. She was given a separate diet.

It is known that Sheela and her children are currently healthy. They are kept under 24-hour surveillance. Park authorities are taking care of them in night shelters and separate enclosures. Attention has also been paid to ensure that the children can consume adequate amounts of breast milk. For that, Sheela is being given regular foods like meat soup and vitamins. Due to the heat, some changes have been made to the food in Sheila. Even a fan has been arranged for her.

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