What is the TRP number of Bengal Topper?

A big surprise since the IPL started A big surprise in TRP Seeing the TRP list for this week, the eyes of the fans will be on their foreheads. Zee Bangla and Star Jalsa are competing for the title of Bengal topper. Some are unwilling to leave even a hair of land. But this time too, the ‘Best of the Best’ crown was missed by ‘Jagdatri’ The series ‘Neem Phule Madhu’ snatched the title of best of the best by beating everyone.

Lakshmibar really has everyone’s eyes on the TRP list, but fans will naturally be surprised to see such a sudden change. For the last 2 weeks, serial ‘Neem Phule Madhu’ was number one. ‘Neem Flower Madhu’ snatched the ‘Best of the Best’ crown despite falling IPL-time numbers again. The viewers are looking forward to knowing who will be in the top ten and who will be the best of the best. Check out this week’s top 10 TRPs at a glance.

The TRP list is changing every moment. With a big surprise on the TRP list, the serial ‘Neem Phule Madhu’ has become the best again. Serial ‘Neem Phule Madhu’ is in first place this week with 7.8 marks. Serial ‘Phulki’ is in second place with 7.6 marks. ‘Jagaddhatri’ is in third place with 7.3 marks. Serial ‘Gita LLB’ is in fourth position with 6.9 marks. Serial ‘Kon Gopne Man Vaseche’ got fifth place with 6.5 marks.

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