Priyanka’s brother Siddharth got engaged to which actress for the second time?

Priyanka Chopra recently visited Mumbai. Husband Nick Jonas and daughter Malti came along. As soon as the actress returned to America, the news of her brother Siddharth Chopra’s engagement became public. However, this is not the first time that engagement news has come to light. Earlier, the actress’s brother’s relationship broke even after getting married. Priyanka’s brother got engaged again with an actress. The entire Chopra family, including Nick-Priyanka and Mannara, were present at the engagement ceremony.

In 2014, Siddharth got engaged to his then-girlfriend, Kanika Mathur. But as the years went by, that relationship broke. After that, in 2019, right after Priyanka’s marriage, Siddharth got engaged again. The ceremony was held at his Delhi residence. They were supposed to get married that year. But the marriage broke up in just a few months. After that, Siddharth fell in love with actress Neelam Upadhyay. They had a few years of love.

Neelam and Siddharth exchanged rings in March 2024. Siddharth wears a floral-printed sherwani, and Payal wears a purple churidar. With a picture of their ring exchange ceremony, the actress wrote, “We did something.” Payal is a familiar face in Tamil and Telugu films. But he did not debut in Bollywood. Time will tell if Priyanka Chopra’s sister-in-law makes way for Payal.

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