Photographer, makeup artist all right Shovan-Sohini getting married in July?

Rumors of love for a month. However, neither of them is willing to open their mouths in this regard! Meanwhile, there have been speculations for a couple of months about whether Shovan-Sohini’s love relationship is going to end on the roof. There is a lot of gossip in the Tollywood inner circle. The actress has already ordered three lakh necklaces for the wedding. Ruptan artists, from shopping to photographers, are all at the initial stage or final.

According to sources, Shovan-Sohini is going to get married in July itself. At the moment, they are the trending couple in Tolipara and probably do not need to be mentioned separately! A few days ago, a video of Shovan Gangopadhyay’s two ex-lovers, Swastika Dutta and Eamon Chakraborty, laughing from Bahurupee’s event also dragged the Netpara Sohini context. However, no matter how many marriage speculations and rumors there are, in this regard, the mouth of the actress or singer is closed.

Currently, the actress is busy promoting ‘Athai Jal’. The question was put to her: Is this movie about to get married a month after its release? In response, Sohini said with a shy smile, “If you get married, what else? But if it gets married, it won’t premiere.” But the actress did not completely dismiss the rumors of marriage in this case. Sohini Sarkar is going around Satpak with Shovan Gangopadhyay in July. The answer lies in the future.

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