Mom-to-be Deepika Padukon faces cyber bullying

Bollywood actress mom-to-be Deepika Padukone is expecting her first child. The actress has recently stepped out to cast her vote for Lok Sabha polling, 2024.

The actress for the first time was seeing flaunting her baby bump, since then their have been rift between the audiences. Some have criticized her for the body structure, with some derogatory remarks.

Alia Bhatt who is already a mom have come up in support of the actress’s cyber bullying she said, Stop it. Behave.” To which netizens in support of the actress said, “Yes, this is the time they need to be supportive! It’s just too personal to stoop at this level and interfere. Opinions by strangers on herself is the last thing she needs right now. Hope the baby and mama and dad are all okay and living every moment.”

Another fan said, “After the hate Alia got, I can see her empathising with DP.”

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