Baltimore bridge collapsed in America, six people are feared dead in the incident

On Tuesday, the Baltimore Bridge collapsed after being hit by a ship. A container ship hit the Francis Scott Bridge in the city of Baltimore, Maryland, in the early hours of Tuesday morning. At least six people are expected to die in this incident. The bridge was split into two pieces by the impact of the ship. The car on the bridge fell into the water.

Incidentally, the ship that hit the Baltimore Bridge had 22 Indian crew members. But none of them were injured. It is known that a warning was sent by the ship before the collision on the bridge. Accordingly, no more vehicles were allowed on the bridge again, resulting in minimal damage.

Meanwhile, it is known that the bridge caught fire before collapsing. The bridge collapsed, and several cars fell into the Patapsco River. The ship was said to be arriving at Colombo Port in Sri Lanka. The six people involved in the bridge repair work are still missing. They are feared dead.

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