‘I could tell that it was Virat Kohli’- Freedy Birdy

Internet personality Freedy Birdy recalled his meeting Anushka Sharma during an interview where he addressed the question about her and Virat’s relationship.

Freedy recalled saying when Anushka was asked about her relationship with Virat Kohli, she refused to answer but moment later the cricketer called her.

Back then when rumours were surfed over the internet about Virat and Anushka dating, Freedy took a chance to address the topic, Anushka pretended to be false speculations, Freedy said, “But then a couple of minutes later her mobile phone rang, and in the utter silence of the room I could hear the person at the other end flirting in the nicest way and making dinner plans with her and I could tell that it was Virat Kohli.”

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