The passengers panicked when the plane suddenly began to swing in mid-air

The passenger plane fell in the middle of the storm. The pilot was forced to make an emergency landing before reaching his destination. Due to this, many passengers on the plane were injured. A United Airlines flight departed for Newark Airport in New Jersey on Friday evening. In the middle of the sky, the speed of the plane was disrupted in the face of strong winds. The pilot decided to make an emergency landing at a nearby airport to avoid an accident.

The United Airlines flight landed at New York’s Stewart Airport. Arrangements have been made for the treatment of passengers there. Passengers on the plane said that the plane suddenly started swaying in mid-air. Everyone panicked. It was windy and raining outside. The flight attendants were trying to calm down the passengers. But many people get hurt in the noise. Someone fell off the seat. Someone knocked on the window.

At least 200 passengers received first aid at the New York airport. After that, many were admitted to local hospitals. However, the airline said no one was seriously injured. They apologized for the inconvenience to the passengers. The authorities concerned wished the passengers a speedy recovery and a safe journey.

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