Dev shoulder touching messy hair, returning as ‘Raghu Dakat’ after the election?

Deb Adhikari alone is one hundred in the 2024 Lok Sabha campaign! Tinted glasses to block the sun. The throat is very northern. And a head of shoulder touching messy hair. Sometimes disobedient to the force of the wind. Go to the election campaign and see the hair of the girls and rose flowers! He was everywhere in Bengal, reaching Medinipur after passing by. Not only his appearance, but also his hair. Although the beauties are impressed, Tollywood has raised the question, sudden change in hair style? so? That’s when the leak, Dev is going to get caught as ‘Raghu Dakat’ very soon. That’s why he has long hair. June 14 election ends. After that, the much awaited film will go on floors.

At one time, Raghu used to drink water from tigers and cows together in Bengal under the influence of robbers. How was this notorious robber in reality? How about catching him on screen one day? It is probably from this idea that Dhruv Banerjee is bringing ‘Raghu Dakat’ to the silver screen. SVF is in production. All was quiet after that. Curiosity naturally grew within Tollywood. Dev’s fans also had questions about the picture. It is known that the shooting started in November. As a surprise, Dev himself will co-produce the film with SVF!

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