Arunachal Civil Society demands cancellation of illegal appointments, calls for government accountability

Members of the Arunachal Civil Society (ACS) have raised their voices against the alleged illegal appointments in the Public Health Engineering & Water Supply (PHE&WS) department, falling under the purview of the chief engineer eastern zone in Changlang district. ACS’s Secretary of Information and Public Relations (IPR), Giah Tanam, highlighted the adverse effects of such actions on the youth of Arunachal Pradesh, emphasizing the reduction of legitimate job opportunities due to malpractices. Tanam vehemently stated, “With the prevalence of unlawful recruitment procedures in nearly every department, this blatant disregard for the integrity of public institutions, meant for the people of Arunachal, must cease immediately.”

Citing instances dating back to the 2017 recruitment process, Tanam underscored that malpractice extends even to the hiring of primary school teachers. He stressed the urgency of addressing the recruitment issues within the PHE&WS department to safeguard the future generations of Arunachal Pradesh. Tanam criticized the government led by Pema Khandu, accusing it of claiming opposition to such practices while allowing them to persist. He urged the government to take responsibility and enforce stringent measures against backdoor appointments. Revealing the ACS’s course of action, Tanam disclosed that a memorandum outlining three crucial demands has been submitted to the chief secretary. The first demand entails the cancellation of all 25 illegally appointed individuals within 14 days, followed by legal action to ensure compliance with Article 16 of the Constitution, which guarantees equal opportunity in public employment.

The second demand calls for the termination of government officials involved in these illicit appointments, aiming to set a precedent that deters future transgressions. The final demand seeks the public disclosure of all individuals involved, including politicians, government officials, and intermediaries, to ensure transparency and accountability.ACS convener Kamin Yangfo echoed Tanam’s sentiments, stressing that both the appointers and the appointees should face consequences. “There must be action against them (the appointees) as well,” Yangfo asserted.”We will not relent until justice is served, and we are committed to monitoring this issue,” Yangfo concluded resolutely.

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