Arunachal CM joins Ladakh MP to kickstart Sangken Water Festival at Golden Pagoda of Namsai

Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister, alongside Ladakh MP Jamyang Tsering, witnessed the commencement of the annual three-day Water Festival, Sangken, at the Golden Pagoda of Namsai. The event saw the participation of Arunachal East MP Tapir Gao and Deputy CM Chowna Mein, marking a convergence of diverse regional leaders. Sangken, a cherished tradition, began with fervent zeal across Arunachal Pradesh, characterized by the joyous splashing of water on revelers and passersby alike. Rooted in goodwill, love, and gratitude, the festival serves as the traditional Buddhist New Year celebration for the Tai Khamti, Singpho, and Tangsa (Tikhak) communities.

Central to Sangken is the symbolic act of water pouring, signifying the cleansing of bad luck and the ushering in of a fresh start for the New Year. Adorned in traditional attire, people gathered at Buddha Viharas in their respective villages to honor Lord Buddha and partake in the festivities. Rituals included offering candles, flowers, and bathing the Buddha, followed by spirited revelry as participants joyously doused each other with water and shared homemade sweets and dishes. The festival’s culmination on April 16th will witness the continuation of these traditions until precisely 03:13:47 PM.

While celebrations unfold across several villages, Kongmukham (Golden Pagoda) Tengapani, Namsai, Chongkham, Empong, and Phaneng hold special significance, revered as sacred sites. Additionally, people from Namsai district make pilgrimages to Buddha Viharas in Kalioni (Karbi Anglong), Assam, underscoring the festival’s regional importance. Reflecting on the essence of Sangken, DCM Mein extended heartfelt wishes for blessings and prosperity, invoking the divine presence of Lord Buddha to wash away sorrows and pains with the blessed water (Nam Metta). He commended the efforts of TKHLS in promoting clean and safe practices during Sangken, emphasizing the importance of community awareness and youth involvement.

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