Arunachal ST Welfare Society calls for surrender of fraudulent STC, PRC from non-indigenous individuals

The Arunachal Pradesh Schedule Tribe Welfare Society (APSTWS) has issued a resounding call to individuals of non-indigenous descent holding scheduled tribe certificates (STC) or permanent residential certificates (PRC) acquired through fraudulent means, urging them to voluntarily surrender these documents. Speaking at a press conference convened at the Arunachal Press Club, APSTWS President Lokam Talo articulated the society’s mission to address the issue of non-indigenous individuals fraudulently obtaining STC and PRC for their offspring.

Talo emphasized that the APSTWS does not oppose intermarriage between Arunachal Pradesh Schedule Tribes (APST) and non-APST individuals. However, he stressed that the offspring of such unions should not illegitimately avail themselves of APST benefits. Highlighting the disparity faced by indigenous people who are rightful beneficiaries of ST reservation and benefits, Talo underscored the urgency of rectifying the situation.

APSTWS spokesperson Pedam Dukam reiterated the society’s stance, stating that they are not targeting specific individuals but rather initiating an effort to gather data on tribal women marrying non-APST individuals, whose offspring are unlawfully benefiting from ST privileges. Dukam issued a stern warning to individuals in possession of ST certificates or PRC acquired through fraudulent means, urging them to promptly surrender these documents. He cautioned that failure to comply would result in the lodging of FIRs and the initiation of a democratic movement against them.

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