Arunachal  takes action to clean Yagamso River on International Day for Biological Diversity

In observance of the International Day for Biological Diversity, several organizations in the capital of Arunachal Pradesh came together on Wednesday for a noteworthy environmental endeavor, cleansing a portion of the Yagamso River and successfully eliminating nearly 3.5 metric tonnes of waste.Over 80 dedicated volunteers joined forces for the extensive clean-up initiative, focusing on the Division-IV stretch of the river. The collaborative effort was spearheaded by the All Abotani Colony Welfare Association (AACWA), in conjunction with NGOs Youth Mission for Clean River (YMCR) and Abralow Memorial Multipurpose Society, with valuable support from the Itanagar Smart City Development Corporation.”Clean rivers are the lifeblood of our ecosystem,” emphasized Gyamar Taz, Corporator of Itanagar Municipal Corporation Ward No. 6, during his active participation in the event.

“We must safeguard our rivers, as they are indispensable to our existence,” he urged, encouraging residents to desist from polluting water bodies and highlighting the daily door-to-door garbage collection services provided by IMC trucks. Taz further advocated for waste segregation at the household level to mitigate the volume of refuse directed to the Hollongi dumping ground. Commending the energetic involvement of the ward’s youth and public, Taz assured unwavering support for future environmental endeavors initiated by the YMCR team. AACWA President Tamchi Kame echoed Taz’s sentiments, emphasizing that maintaining a clean environment is a collective obligation transcending individual and governmental responsibilities.

“It is incumbent upon every resident, tenant, shopkeeper, and permanent dweller to contribute,” Kame affirmed.General Secretary of AACWA, Maga Dada, lauded the leadership exhibited by the NGOs in driving the campaign forward, urging widespread community engagement in nurturing a cleaner habitat.”Collaborative endeavors are pivotal for fostering a healthier environment,” remarked Dada.Expressing gratitude for the continuous patronage from Corporator Taz and his team, YMCR Chairman S D Loda underscored the NGO’s grassroots advocacy efforts and the positive impact of active participation from residents. Loda also advocated for reducing the usage of single-use plastic items.

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