Mamaearth launches digital campaign for Rice Facewash

Mamaearth, known for its natural personal care products, has launched a new digital campaign focusing mainly on its Mamaearth Rice Facewash.

The campaign focuses on celebrating the beauty of glass-like skin and highlights the product’s connection to the traditional Korean beauty practice of using rice water for skincare.

The campaign clip unfolds in an office setting after hours, where a young Korean intern admires a colleague’s radiant skin. Being fascinated by her glowing skin, she asks about the secret, leading to the revelation of Mamaearth Rice Facewash as a simplified alternative to traditional rice water skincare routines.

The film reveals the secret of the intern’s transformation to glowing skin, symbolising the effectiveness of the facewash. Through this narrative, the campaign hopes to emphasise the product’s gentle cleansing and hydrating properties, presenting it as a best solution for achieving a luminous skin glow.

“Consumer receptivity to K-beauty is on the rise, reflecting a growing appreciation for skincare products that prioritise natural ingredients and effective results. With the Mamaearth Rice Facewash, we are tapping on this trend by offering a clean beauty solution that harnesses the power of rice water, a traditional Korean beauty secret, to deliver glowing skin,” Anuja Mishra, EVP and chief marketing officer, Honasa Consumer Limited, said.

“In the fast-paced world of skincare, India is embracing Korean beauty secrets like rice water for flawless glass skin. We pride ourselves in simplifying these elaborate routines for busy lives by bringing them in easy-to-use, modern formats. To depict the same, we have a sweet narrative of friendly banter in a playful exchange between a homesick Korean colleague and her Indian friend, who introduces her to a one-step rice water skincare solution,” Anupama Ramaswamy, chief creative officer, Havas Worldwide India Pvt limited, said. 

The 30 second campaign film was conceptualised by Havas Worldwide India Pvt Limited.

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