Even if it rains in Kolkata for the next two days, the heat will not decrease

The heat started showing its strength before the end of Chaitra. Temperatures in various districts of the state, including Kolkata, rose slightly on Saturday compared to Friday. The maximum temperature in Kolkata was 34.1 degrees Celsius on Friday. It increased to 34.7 degrees Celsius on Saturday. According to the weather office, the temperature in the city may increase by two to three degrees in the next two to three days. The temperature may reach close to 40 degrees in different parts of the state before the start of Baisakh. Uncomfortably warm weather will prevail across South Bengal. Meteorologists also said that the sky will remain cloudy in almost every district of South Bengal, including Kolkata, on Saturday.

The weather office has also announced the forecast of rainfall in the state in the next two days. also said that even if it rains, the heat will not decrease much. Meteorologists said that on Saturday, two Medinipur, Purulia, Bankura, Birbhum, Jhargram, and West Burdwan districts of South Bengal may be drenched in rain. However, rain with thunder may occur in almost all districts of South Bengal on Sunday. The Alipur Meteorological Department said that thunderstorm clouds are forming locally due to the low pressure axis.

Favorable rain conditions are coming. But even if it rains, the heat will not decrease. The heat will start increasing again on Monday in the state. Light rains may occur in North Bengal’s Darjeeling, Kalimpong, and Jalpaiguri on Saturday, according to weather office sources. Just the 15th of Chaitra month. According to the calendar, there are still 15 days left until the end of spring. But the weather conditions say otherwise. The heat of summer has already started in Baisakh.

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