Every year alcohol and drugs kill 30 lakh people

Alcohol and drugs kill nearly 30 lakh people annually, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on this Tuesday. Actually a WHO report said 26 lakh deaths were attributed to alcohol consumption in 2019 according to the latest available statistics, accounting for 4.7% of all deaths worldwide that year. In fact nearly three-quarters of those deaths were in men, the report added. This is actually very bad news as due to alcohol and drugs so many people are killed and it is needed to control.

Today health is very important thing for anyone and to maintain it they need to have a very healthy life style. In fact it is best to avoid consumption of alcohol and drugs as it is very harmful for our health. Actually our health is very much dependent on those things which we consume and for this reason we should eat healthy food like fresh fruits and vegetables. In reality this information by WHO is very concerning and we need to change it to have a healthy life.

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