KPMG’s report on ‘Human-centric approach to tobacco control’ reveals India ranks 2nd globally

A recent report by KPMG Assurance and Consulting Services LLP, in collaboration with ET Edge titled, ‘Human-centric approach to tobacco control’, revealed that India ranks the 2nd largest tobacco using population in the world with 27% of Indian adults engaged in tobacco consumption. The report emphasizes the need for a comprehensive approach to tobacco control, focusing on reducing harm caused by tobacco. It suggests offering a variety of less harmful alternatives to smokers, which could lead to a 50% reduction in global tobacco-related deaths by 2060.

The report suggests a ‘Tobacco Control 3.0’ approach to India, focusing on science-based solutions and encouraging individuals to quit smoking. It recommends making Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) affordable and accessible. Enforcement authorities should maintain a database of tobacco manufacturers and retailers, invest in technology like blockchain, and invest in an innovation fund. A nationwide mass media campaign to educate smokers and dispel myths is also recommended. Consumers, industry players, and the government should collaborate to develop realistic tobacco control policies.

India has implemented strict tobacco control laws in line with WHO guidelines to regulate the production, sale, and consumption of tobacco products and protect non-smokers from passive smoking. The country has tested tobacco products for toxicants and constituents.

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