Arunachal witnessed peaceful elections, says District Election Officer of Papum Pare

Jiken Bomjen, the Deputy Commissioner of Papum Pare district and the District Election Officer (DEO) speaking on the electoral proceedings in Arunachal Pradesh held on April 19 said that the elections, held amidst heightened anticipation, witnessed a notable turnout across various constituencies. Bomjen said that in the capital Itanagar, where the polls for the Member of Parliament were conducted alongside assembly seats, approximately 55% of eligible voters exercised their franchise. Meanwhile, in the Sagalee assembly constituency, the turnout soared to an impressive 70%.

Addressing concerns regarding the 14th Doimukh assembly constituency in Papum Pare, the Deputy Commissioner assured that despite minor disturbances reported in Kakoi and Tarasso, all issues were promptly resolved without any escalation. He emphasized that no incidents of violence or breaches of polling protocols were recorded in the constituency. However, owing to the simultaneous conduct of polls in Doimukh, the pace of voting remained steady even after the official closure time of 5 PM, prompting an extension.

Bomjen reassured the public regarding the security of Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs), stating that they would soon be transported to the secure strong room located in the Yupia stadium complex. Equipped with multiple CCTV cameras and guarded by paramilitary forces, the strong room ensures the integrity and safety of the electoral process until the counting date.

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