Mebo MLA Oken Tayeng and DC Pasighat Tayi Taggu assess flood situation in 39th Mebo A/C

MLA Oken Tayeng of the 39th Mebo Assembly Constituency, accompanied by East Siang District Deputy Commissioner Tayi Taggu and other officials, conducted a thorough assessment of the flood situation in Mebo Sub-Division, East Siang district. Incessant rains over the past week have caused widespread flooding in the region, particularly affecting villages along the Siang river and its tributaries. Areas such as Seram, Kongkul, Agam, Namsing, Gadum-I, Gadum-II, and Mer in East Siang district, as well as Banggo, Paglam, Keba, Tini ali, Kebang, Kaling-I, and Kaling-II in Lower Dibang Valley district, have reported disruptions in road communications and damage to electrical infrastructure, leading to power outages.

During the assessment, MLA Oken Tayeng expressed concern over the extensive damage caused by the floods, including the loss of several hectares of agricultural land due to soil erosion along the Siang river. He pledged to take up the matter with the state government for immediate support to affected residents.

DC Tayi Taggu reiterated the need for public safety, advising against venturing near the flooded Siang river due to ongoing risks. The District Disaster Management Officer, T. Tashi, confirmed significant damages, including the destruction of agricultural crops and infrastructure. Meanwhile, Indian Army personnel from Likabali and Sigar Military stations have been actively engaged in rescue operations along the Tarotamak river bank, evacuating approximately 36 people from vulnerable areas like Siboguri near Mer and Paglam village. The evacuation efforts are ongoing to ensure the safety of residents amidst the continuing flood threat.

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