Neeraj Chopra won gold, he threw 85.97 meters

Neeraj Chopra is in form. He won another gold a month before the Paris Olympics. An Indian athlete wins gold in the javelin at the Paavo Nurmi Games in Finland. He completed the preparations for the Olympics. However, Neeraj did not throw 90 meters in this competition either. The Indian athlete who won gold in the Rio Olympics threw 85.97 meters.

Neeraj did not participate in this competition due to a previous injury. But this time, before the Olympics, he wanted to burn himself for the last time. Earlier, he won silver in the Diamond League in Doha and gold in the Federation Cup in India. Neeraj was also the favorite in the competition in Finland. He kept his honor.

Neeraj threw an 83.62-meter javelin in the first attempt. He went ahead. Among the rest, Finland’s Toni Keranen threw 82.59 m. Not far behind was Grenada’s Anderson Peters. He threw 82.58 meters. Neeraj could not do well in the second attempt. Throw 83.45 meters. Neeraj was overtaken by Finland’s Olive Helander. He threw 83.96 meters. Neeraj went into second place.

Neeraj took the top spot again in the third attempt. The Indian athlete threw 85.97 meters. That throw won him the gold. The rest of the contestants tried hard but could not top Neeraj. Neeraj also knew that the third throw would bring him the gold. So he did not put much effort into the fourth attempt. Throw 82.21 meters. He intentionally fouled the last two attempts.

In the end, a throw of 85.97 meters won him the gold. But even this time, Neeraj could not throw 90 meters. He had regrets. Keranen finished in second place. He threw 84.19 meters. Oliver finished third with a throw of 83.96 meters.

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