NSCN-KYA allegedly coercing voters in Arunachal ahead of Assembly Elections

With the Arunachal Pradesh assembly elections looming on the horizon, troubling reports have emerged from the Northeastern state, pointing to the involvement of the NSCN-KYA militant group in the electoral process. In the insurgency-prone Longding district, particularly in the Longding Pumao assembly constituency, voters are reportedly facing coercion tactics aimed at influencing their choice of candidate, allegedly under the threat of violence by the militant outfit.

Disturbing leaflets carrying these purported threats have surfaced in villages within the Longding Pumao constituency, raising concerns about the integrity of the electoral process in the region.Furthermore, eyewitness accounts suggest the presence of armed militants affiliated with NSCN-KYA in villages such as Niuasa, Longkhaw, Mintong, and Longphong within the constituency. These militants are allegedly using intimidation tactics, including brandishing weapons, to compel residents to vote for a specific candidate, identified as Thangwang Wangham of the National People’s Party (NPP).

Sources indicate that individuals associated with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) have been singled out by the militants, with warnings issued to either support the NPP candidate or face severe repercussions.The reported involvement of NSCN-KYA in the electoral process has sparked widespread concern among residents and political observers, highlighting the delicate security situation prevailing in certain parts of Arunachal Pradesh.

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