Recently Ishant Sharma teases Virat Kohli after taking his wicket

On Sunday Delhi Capitals (DC) fast bowler Ishant Sharma teased former Royal Challengers Bengaluru (RCB) captain Virat Kohli after taking his wicket in their IPL 2024 match in Bengaluru. Actually Ishant jokingly bumped into Kohli as he was walking towards the pavilion. In fact Kohli was dismissed for 27(13). Earlier, Kohli was actually seen saying something to Ishant after hitting him for boundaries. Actually cricket is a gentleman game and all cricketers play it with good spirit.

Actually IPL is very popular cricket league and it is followed all over the world. In fact for many cricketers IPL is very important as it give a very good opportunity to them to make a good career. As we know that today in every corner of the world cricket is watched and due to this people in India actually feel very good to watch cricket. In reality both Ishant Sharma and Virat Kohli is very good cricketers and this behavior actually shows that cricket is actually a gentleman game.

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