Recently which foods has ICMR called ‘ultra-processed’

Recently Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) classified commercially-made bread, breakfast cereals, cakes, chips, fries, jams, mayonnaise and other foods as ultra-processed. In fact peanut butter, soy chunks, tofu, commercially-made cheese, butter, paneer with additives, plant-based meats, cooking oils, refined sugars, salt and spices are in the category. Actually it said these are “mass produced with additives”. This is actually very concerning news and people should take it seriously.

Today health is very important and people need to take care of it to live better. In fact for better health eating good food is important and people should know which food to eat to take care their health. As we know today people life is full of stress which actually makes a very unhealthy lifestyle. For this reason it becomes a need to take care their health and eat good food. In reality today people know the importance of good health and they need to make changes in their lifestyle for good health.

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