Right now Indian medical panel said that even homemade food is unhealthy

Recently new guidelines released by the ICMR say even home-cooked meals can be unhealthy if prepared in high saturated fat, salt or sugar. Actually according to the health panel, these foods, which are a staple in Indian kitchens are detrimental to health in the long run by increasing the risk of type-2 diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity.  This is actually very serious issue and people need to take it very seriously so that they care their health properly.

Today health is very important concern as it actually become very difficult to maintain it. In fact health come before everything as a good health can give you a very good life. So to take care of your health it becomes very important to eat right food which is good for your health. Actually till now we used to think that homemade food is good for your health but now it is found that if we don’t eat homemade food in proper way then it can be unhealthy.

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