South African cricketers stuck at the airport for six hours before the World Cup final

T20 World Cup final in Barbados. While going there, the South African cricketers were stuck at the airport for six hours. The match referee and umpires were also stuck with Quinton D’Kock. The families of the cricketers were also stuck with them. South Africa is in trouble ahead of Saturday’s final. All arrived in Barbados six hours after the scheduled time.

Earlier, Afghanistan was delayed for 4 hours due to flight problems before coming down to play the semi-final. Rashid Khan did not get enough sleep. South Africa is in trouble this time before the final. D’Kocker ran into trouble in Trinidad. According to a press source, there was a problem during the landing of a plane at the Barbados airport. That is why South African cricketers have to wait at Trinidad Airport.

South African cricketers boarded the plane. But the pilot learned about the trouble in Barbados at that time. That is why the plane is stuck in Trinidad. Airport authorities said no one was injured on the plane that had trouble in Barbados.

The T20 World Cup final is on Saturday. The match will start at 8 p.m. Indian time. South Africa will play against India. The South African cricketers had to stay in Trinidad for six hours. There have been plane crashes in this World Cup before. Apart from Afghanistan, Sri Lanka had to face problems. I had to wait the whole night at the airport. They were traveling from Florida to New York.

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