The current captain Rohit Sharma broke the precedent of Mahendra Singh Dhoni

India defeated Ireland in the first match of the T20 World Cup. As a result of this win, Rohit Sharma has set a record. The current captain has broken the example of former Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Rohit is India’s most successful captain in T20. Under him, India won the most matches in T20 cricket. This record was held by Dhoni for so long. He played 72 matches and won 42 matches. Rohit won his 43rd match on Wednesday. But Rohit played only 55 matches for him.

Babar Azam has won the most matches as a captain in T20. The Pakistan captain has won 46 out of 81 matches. Uganda captain Brian Masaba has won 44 out of 57 matches. Former England captain Eoin Morgan is at number three. He won 44 out of 71 matches. Rohit is at number four. But in terms of win percentage, Rohit is on top. Because he has led in far fewer matches than the rest.

Rohit has a chance to break everyone’s record in the current World Cup. He needs three wins to catch Babar. India will play three more matches in the group stage. It also includes a game against Pakistan. If India reach the final or win the World Cup, Rohit will lead six more matches. In that case, he will have the chance to become the most successful captain in the world in T20.

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