Two arrested, suspected heroin seized in Nirjuli

In a proactive move to curb drug trafficking activities, the Nirjuli Police, under Operation Dawn, intensified their efforts in the Itanagar capital region of Arunachal Pradesh. On April 25, 2024, their relentless pursuit bore fruit as they apprehended two alleged drug peddlers from Bage Tinali, Nirjuli.

The arrested individuals have been identified as Bengia Kaya (20) and Khoda Rikam (23), both residents of Nirjuli. Acting swiftly, the police team executed the operation, culminating in the seizure of 51 plastic vials suspected to contain contraband drug heroin from the possession of the accused.

This significant development underscores the authorities’ commitment to combating the menace of drug trafficking in the region. The Nirjuli Police’s proactive measures serve as a deterrent to those involved in illicit drug trade and reaffirm their dedication to maintaining law and order in the community.

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