Union Minister Kiren Rijiju delivers decade of achievements address in Arunachal, highlights border development and refugee issues

Union Minister Kiren Rijiju took center stage in Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh, addressing the local media to reflect on his ten-year tenure and emphasize the strides made in the region under his stewardship. Accompanied by Techi Kaso, the unopposed Member of the Legislative Assembly for Itanagar, Rijiju underscored a myriad of accomplishments during his tenure. Notably, he highlighted significant progress in border area developments, road infrastructure, and the expansion of highways, including the pivotal Trans Arunachal Highway. Ensuring network connectivity to all border villages stood out as a priority, alongside the implementation of vibrant village program schemes aimed at grassroots empowerment.

In his address, Rijiju also delved into complex issues such as the Chakma refugee dilemma and the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). He revealed the government’s commitment to addressing the Chakma refugee situation, stating that efforts have been underway, albeit quietly, with the Assam government urged to identify suitable relocation sites. Moreover, Rijiju touched upon the influence of religious dynamics in politics, particularly referencing the Christian Forum’s advocacy for Christian candidates in elections. This statement underscores the intricate intersection of religion and politics in the region, adding another layer of significance to Rijiju’s address.

Union Minister Kiren Rijiju’s comprehensive address not only showcased the achievements of his tenure but also shed light on pressing issues facing Arunachal Pradesh. With a focus on development, inclusivity, and diplomatic solutions, Rijiju’s vision for the region remains steadfast as he continues to navigate the complexities of governance.

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