Unique contribution system steals spotlight in Nyishi belt elections

In the Nyishi belt of Arunachal Pradesh, a distinctive contribution system has emerged as the main attraction during elections, drawing attention for its cultural significance and community spirit. Local residents participate in a tradition of donating various items, including the state animal Mithun, staple foods, organic vegetables, and traditional beverages like Opo beer brewed from fermented rice and millets. This practice of contributing goods for feasts is deeply rooted in Nyishi culture and is observed during significant events such as elections, marriages, and childbirth.

In the ongoing election campaign, hundreds of women and men from Kimin town, bordering Assam, were seen carrying a variety of food and drink items on their heads using a traditional back gear known as Naara to present them to their BJP candidate and incumbent MLA of Doimukh, Tana Hali Tara. While two constituencies in Papum Pare have already elected BJP candidates unopposed, the contest between Tana Hali Tara and Nabam Vivek of the Peoples Party of Arunachal in the remaining constituency is heating up.

This constituency, adjacent to the capital Itanagar and sharing a significant border with Assam, is witnessing lively feasts in campaign offices and camps as supporters rally around their preferred candidates. Tana Hali Tara, reflecting on the tradition, highlighted its importance in Nyishi society, where individuals contribute according to their means as a demonstration of affection and support for candidates, reminiscent of similar practices during marriages.

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