What harm can smoking do to you and your loved ones?

Smoking is harmful to your health. Smoking causes cancer. This ad we see before any movie starts. This advertisement is shown by the government to warn the people of every strata of society. But this ad is only taken as an advertisement by everyone; no one cares. Many people cannot keep themselves away from this addiction, despite knowing that smoking is harmful to their health. World No Tobacco Day is observed every year to raise awareness of the harm this addiction can do to you and your family.

You might think you are the only one smoking, so the damage is yours alone. But this idea is completely wrong. Doctors say that a person who smokes does more damage to the bodies of the people around him than he does to himself. This is called passive smoking, which is also known as second-hand smoking.

Passive smoking refers to being around another person who is an active smoker. Exposure to cigarette or beedi smoke affects the human body in exactly the same way. Like active smokers, passive smokers, i.e., people who are close to smokers, are also severely affected.

Passive smoking can cause heart disease, lung cancer, and even stroke. That is, even if you do not consume cigarettes or any other tobacco products, if you are around people who smoke, you can also be infected. Women who are constantly exposed to smokers, as well as men, have a reduced ability to become mothers.

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