Why was Shreyas angry with Starc?

The Kolkata Knight Riders could have lost the match. Royal Challengers Bangalore needed 21 runs to win in the last over. Mitchell Starc hit three sixes in the first four balls and pushed the team towards defeat. Captain Shreyas Iyer is upset with this Australian pacer, who was bought for 24 crores and 75 lakhs. Still stood by Starker.

At the end of the match, Shreyas stood by Starc with a strange argument. The KKR skipper said, “When 18 runs are needed from six balls, the pressure is always on the bowler. A six increases the pressure. At that time, you have to keep a cool head. Don’t think about the previous ball. We have to decide in which direction to force the batter to hit the next ball. The way Andre Russell turned the game around for us.”

Shreyas didn’t mention Stark’s name even once. But his allusion to the Australian pacer was clear. Bengaluru needed 21 runs from the last over to win. Karan Sharma was batting. Starc, the batsman at number nine for Bangalore, hit a six on the very first ball. Karan hit a six off the third and fourth balls as well. He scored 18 runs in four balls and turned the match towards Bengaluru. There was no way Starc could stop the sixes. Instead, he was telling the same story. It is beneficial to Karan. In the end, though, KKR won the match. Despite scoring 222 runs, they won by just one run.

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