How much money will Rohit get if he becomes T20 World Cup champion?

The International Cricket Council (ICC) announced the record prize money for the T20 World Cup. The ICC has announced a total of 11.25 million, or 1 crore, 12 lakh, and 50 thousand dollars, for the World Cup. In Indian currency, that is about 93 crore 50 lakhs. The prize money has been increased at all levels of the T20 World Cup. 20 teams are participating in this year’s World Cup. The last eight teams will receive $225,000.

The last eight teams of the World Cup will get about 1 crore and 87 lakh rupees in Indian rupees. Teams finishing ninth through 12th will receive $247,500. That is about 2 crore, 6 thousand taka. The eight countries finishing in fifth to eighth place will receive $382,500 as prize money. About 3 crore 18 lakhs in Indian price. 7 lakh 87 thousand 500 dollars, or 6 crore 54 lakh taka, for the two teams that lost in the semi-final.

This time, there is a record amount of monetary reward for the two teams that reached the T20 World Cup final. The runner-up team will be given 12 lakh 80 thousand dollars, or 10 crore 64 lakh taka. Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli will get 24 lakh, 50 thousand dollars as prize money if they win the World Cup. Indian price world champions will get 20 crore, 36 lakh taka. In other words, winning the T20 World Cup for the first time will give more prize money than the IPL. The Kolkata Knight Riders got 20 crore rupees this time as IPL champions.

There are more financial prizes for participating teams in the World Cup. $31,154 is being awarded to the teams for winning each match. If a team wins a match in the World Cup, this time they will get about 26 lakh rupees as a prize.

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