Pakistan’s novel strategy to increase income before World Cup matches

One debate after another. There is no way to stop the controversy in Pakistani cricket. It is reported that before the T20 World Cup, this time in exchange for money, arrangements were made for dinner with the cricketers. Former Pakistan captain Rashid Latif gave this news at an event. There he said, “While playing the World Cup, the cricketers can attend the official dinner.But a private dinner is being organized. It is said there that you can meet the cricketers by paying 2000 taka. You can identify with them. It’s not right. People can say, The cricketers of our team are doing this for earning.”

Latif said that the incident of meeting cricketers in exchange for money in Pakistan is not new. He said, “Many have told me that the first question that comes up when talking about meeting a cricketer here is, How much money can you pay?” Our time was not like this. When we went to play the World Cup, we used to go for 2-3 dinners. They were all organized by the government. Now that’s not happening.”

Latif said that the image of cricketers is getting worse. He said, “There is a financial aspect involved in this incident. If any organization took money in this way for good work, I would understand that it is a human duty to join it. But all that is not happening here. Pakistan cricket, and above all, the honor of Pakistan, is connected with this. It should not be done.”

Earlier, while playing in the World Cup, Azam Khan, the team’s cricketer, was involved in a controversy by wiping the sweat from his forehead with a bundle of money. A few days ago, captain Babar Azam fueled the controversy by joking about Azam’s weight in practice. This time, they got involved in another controversy.

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