Labour Department honors veteran Dy. Labour Commissioner, Ozing Rukbo

The office of the Labour Commissioner, Itanagar, hosted a modest yet memorable farewell ceremony to bid adieu to Ozing Rukbo, Deputy Labour Commissioner, who retired on April 30. Rukbo’s remarkable journey within the department of Labour & Employment spanned over three decades, marking a career of unwavering dedication and service.

 Having commenced his tenure as a Labour Officer in 1991, he ascended through the ranks, attaining the positions of Assistant Labour Commissioner in 2016 and subsequently, Deputy Labour Commissioner in 2021. Throughout his tenure, Rukbo’s contributions were not only confined to the Labour department; he also served in various capacities across other departments, enriching his breadth of experience and expertise.

As colleagues and associates bid him farewell, sentiments of gratitude and well-wishes permeated the atmosphere. The officers and staff of the labour department expressed their sincere appreciation for Rukbo’s enduring commitment and invaluable contributions to the department’s mission and objectives. They extended their heartfelt wishes for a fulfilling and prosperous post-retirement life for Rukbo, acknowledging his enduring legacy within the department and beyond.

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