Modi and Putin together stopped the Ukraine attack,America’s sensational claim

Vladimir Putin planned to nuke Ukraine in 2022. And with the intervention of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Russian President poured water on that plan! Recently, such information has emerged in a report of the American media.

The Russia-Ukraine war started on February 24, 2022. In this war, Moscow was ready to launch a nuclear attack against Kiev. But two officials of the Joe Biden Administration told the US Media that the crisis was solved by the intervention of Prime Minister Narendra Modi! Not only Modi, several countries including China have played an important role in averting the danger.

According to related reports, the Biden administration feared that Russia might use a tactical or battlefield nuclear weapon soon after the Russia-Ukraine war broke out. But thinking that a direct message to Russia would not work, the help of India and some other countries was sought. and the leaders of some countries, including Modi, convinced Russia, that Moscow would not use nuclear in the end.

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