Repolling commences at designated polling stations across Arunachal Pradesh

Repolling activities have been initiated at several designated polling stations across Arunachal Pradesh, marking a pivotal phase in the electoral process. The polling stations where repolling commenced include Sario in Bameng assembly constituency located in East Kameng district, Longte Loth under Nyapin assembly seat in Kurung Kumey district, and Dingser, Bogiya Siyum, Jimbari, and Lengi polling booths under Nacho constituency situated in Upper Subansiri district.

In addition to these, repolling is underway at Bogne and Molom polling booths under Rumgong assembly constituency in Siang district. These repolling efforts aim to ensure the integrity and fairness of the electoral process, addressing any discrepancies or irregularities encountered during the initial polling phase.

The commencement of repolling underscores the commitment of election authorities to uphold democratic principles and ensure the credibility of electoral outcomes. Voters are encouraged to participate actively in the repolling process, reaffirming their democratic rights and contributing to the democratic exercise of electing representatives.

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