Uber Green electric vehicles launched in Kolkata

Uber on Thursday(20th June 2024) announced the launch of its flagship electric vehicle service, Uber Green, in Kolkata, marking a step towards eco-friendly urban transportation.

Now, Uber stands as the second ride-hailing service provider to offer EVs in the city, following Snap E, another brand operating with an all-EV fleet.

“Enhancing the air quality in Kolkata is a shared duty we all must embrace. I commend Uber for introducing ‘Uber Green’ in Calcutta, a significant step towards reducing carbon emissions in our city,” West Bengal Transport Minister Snehasis Chakraborty said.

“This service allows residents to book zero-emission rides with ease through the Uber app, promoting sustainable travel across the city, including routes to and from Kolkata international airport,” Uber said in a statement.

The company has made commitment to become a zero-emissions mobility platform by 2030 in Europe and North America, and globally by 2040. EV drivers on Uber are going electric 5x faster than the general public, the company said.

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