Arunachal’s eastern belt ablaze with Pema Khandu’s campaign kickoff in Pasighat

A flurry of excitement swept through the eastern expanse of Arunachal Pradesh as Chief Minister Pema Khandu launched his campaign trail from the vibrant city of Pasighat. Joined by Member of Parliament for Arunachal East, Tapir Gao, Khandu fervently campaigned for Kaling Moyong, the incumbent MLA for Pasighat East, and Ninong Ering, the BJP candidate for Pasighat West. Thousands of enthusiastic citizens from the burgeoning Pasighat smart city congregated to witness the Chief Minister’s address at a spirited BJP rally.

Kaling Moyong, the stalwart BJP MLA, who clinched victory in 2014 by defeating the incumbent Education Minister Bosiram Siram, now the Congress candidate for Arunachal East MP, shared insights into his decade-long tenure exclusively with India Today correspondent Maksam Tayeng. Moyong proudly delineated the monumental strides and developmental feats achieved under the BJP regime in Pasighat.

With passion and conviction, Moyong heralded Pasighat’s metamorphosis into a modern, meticulously planned urban center, attributing it to a decade of relentless BJP governance. From the inauguration of state-of-the-art stadiums and bustling markets to the revitalization of educational institutions like JNC College and Gurukul School, and the enhancement of essential infrastructure such as parking lots and footpaths, Pasighat basked in the glow of progress under Moyong’s stewardship. Furthermore, the Bakin Pertin Hospital witnessed a remarkable upgrade, emblematic of the government’s unwavering commitment to healthcare accessibility.

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