The goalkeeper’s hand saved Messi, Argentina in the Copa semi

Breathless match. His decision was not made on time. Argentina-Ecuador went to a tiebreaker with a 1-1 score. From there, Argentinian goalkeeper Emi Martinez took the team to the semi-finals. Game result: 4-2.

When talking about Martinez, everyone will remember the 2022 World Cup final. Without him, Messi would have missed out on the trophy again. A few minutes before the end of the match, nobody has forgotten his save and the tiebreaker that saved Emi Martinez’s shot. Another glimpse of him was seen in the Copa quarterfinals.

Argentina drew 1-1 in the scheduled 90 minutes against Ecuador. According to Copa rules, if there is no result in 90 minutes, it is a straight tiebreaker; no extra time is played. Messi went to take the first shot for Argentina in the tiebreaker. But he failed to score! However, the ‘hero’ is goalkeeper Martinez, who blocked the first two shots of Ecuador.

It was Messi who scored the first goal in the match. Lisandro Martinez scored from a corner after 34 minutes. Then Kevin Rodriguez of Ecuador scored a goal at the end of the match, at the end of 90 minutes. But they could have won this match 2-1. Ecuador had an easy chance to score in the 59th minute of the second half. They get a penalty. But the team could not score.

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